Prevent accidents with a proactive safety solution.

90% of accident reports indicate human error as a contributing cause, but human error is a consequence, not a cause.

Fatigue, Illness, Alcohol and Drugs are major contributors to vehicular crashes and workplace accidents.

SOBEREYE measures impairment risk from any cause, on-the-job, when it matters most.

The high cost of accidents

​•Medically consulted injury:     $41,000

•Death:                                       $1,190,000

Total economic costs :  $170.8B

US 2018 work-related deaths and injuries costs

Source: National Safety Council

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Operators check themselves!

One-minute self test

  • Portable and easy to use

  • Non invasive

  • Real time results

Cloud-based dashboard

  • Real time monitoring

  • Alerts and notifications

  • Data analytics

Prevent accidents

Save lives, save money

With real time, on the job, impairment risk testing you will reduce workplace accidents with significant human and financial benefits.

Cost effective

No upfront costs, great ROI

SOBEREYE is a subscription based service. No upfront costs to start testing, monitoring and improve safety.

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